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Full Version: Torn Fins, Blood Streaks, Lethargic, Foam On Water
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hi all, just registered todae, looking forward to gaining some expertise in fish rearing shiok.gif

for ur info, i rear lionhead goldfishes which i feed 3 times daily.

1. water change weekly 2. 2ft tank 3. i use antichlorine, salt, psb bacteria, coral chips 4. 1 overhead filter
5. ph of tank water varies btw 7.0-7.5 (according to colour scale)

my goldfishes have torn blood streaked fins and seem exhausted all the time. occasionally they rest at the bottom. is it becuz of low ph? what shld i do to rectify this problem?

my water surface always contains white foam which is an eyesore. how can i remove them besides using a skimmer? shld i feed my fishes less or reduce salt amt?

1 more thing. must sick fish be separated from main tank?
i also wish to buy a digital ph meter, nitrate nitrite ammonium tester, surface skimmer. Are there any good recommendations?

thank you very much for ur attention.
Before you can effectively rectify your problems......I think you need to address your capacity of your tank to accomodate your fishes.Without which you will bound to run into such problems again and yet again
u mean my tank is too small? wat size shld i "upgrade" to?
First you can read this basic write up by cp to get a feel of what to expect out of this hobby

Here's the thread
Sounds like dirty water to me.
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