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Full Version: How To Test Salinity
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Pardon me but how do you test the salinity of water eg %
You don't test salinity but rather, you make it happen with a weighing machine..

Read this out on how to manage that:
Maybe use a hydrometer, they are used a lot by marine fishtank keepers and basically use the principle that the saltier the water the denser it is so the higher the hydrometer sits in the water. Temperature also effects the reading.

Its just a case of reading the hydrometer reading (make sure you view the top of the meniscus (the water 'skin')) and the temperature. Then there is a simple conversion table which uses temp and hyro reading in a x and y axis. Align both readings and hey presto thats your salinity.

Once you have done it once it really is simple.

Hope this helps.
Hydrometer for marine tank can't measure the salinity in small amount i.e 0.1% to 0.5%.....must get the micro-hydrometer type. I've only seen it in a koi center whereby they sell super expensive tategoi.....
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