Just found this forum and thought I would join. I have 2 orandas in a 29gal tank, I have had them almost a month. 1 is red and is 3.5inches and the other is red and white and 3 inches. I think I have a pair as my red/white likes to chase the red around with his nose between her tail fins. Wouldent they be to small to breed?

I love them to death and they already come up to take food out of my hand. but they are always hungry, I feel bad when I cant feed them but dont want to over feed them. Today we are making thier new home. I have a 300gal stock tank that is 2X2X8foot and we are building a wooden bench around it and I put some plants and pretty rockes in it. It will be filled up halfway and a 175 gallon filter and pump in it. We are puting a brown tarp in it to line it with so it does not look tacky. I will post pics when it is done, going to work on it this afternoon.

Next month once these have survived in it a couple weeks Im looking into ordering a few more. Anyone know a good place online I can order orandas from?