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Full Version: Hanging Out At The Top Or Are They Gasping For Air?
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Ok guys so i have a 55 gal. tank with 5 goldies 3 ryukins, 2 pearl scales, along with 7 glofish, they have been in my tank for a bout 3 months now and recently i have notice that all 3 ryukins are starting to hang out at the top the tank when nobody is nearby, they only come at me when i am about to feed them. Is this normal?? my water condition is pretty good, everything is at 0 accept for the nitrate at 40. I change my water about 30% once a week. i feed my fish 3 times aday with small amount each time. Am i doing anything wrong? what is happenening to my goldies? i am starting to notice that the smaller pearl scale is also hanging at the top too now... i am worry guys sad.gif
I like my fish
my guess is you dont have enough air in the water for you little darlings to breathe. i am not 100% sure just starting out on the hobby but i had this happen to me bought an air pump and all's going well

hope this helps
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