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Full Version: White Eggs
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hi my goldfish just drop eggs, but all are whites, the good ones should be clear, right ????
If ur fish dropped eggs, then wait until tomorrow to see if they're fertilized or not. But if there's no male in ur tank, then might as well let the fish eat them.
Although it is commonly believed that whitish eggs are unfertilized, I do have past experience with fry hatching from eggs that are white with fungus. You'll never know until 3 days later. Have a little patience.

Of course if there is no male fish then the eggs will not be fertilized at all
I am glad you said that desireless. Maybe I'm not crazy after all. It seems that eggs with fungus all over them (puff balls) can still hatch sometimes. The number of fry always seems to exceed the estimate of the number of nice clear eggs.

Yes, I'm so glad to hear that someone else is having the same experience as me. biggrin.gif
she dropped eggs again today, there are 4 males in the tank.

but the none of them seem active chasing her..

i didi hand spawning yesterday.... the milt from the male very little, i am afraid is not enough.

the milt is only about 2 cm of thread (string)

i will have my patience now.....

i really appreciate all of your feedback..... tongue.gif
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