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Full Version: Ego-nishiki
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hi.gif everybody

No spelling mistakes,this EGO-nishiki was appropriately named by virtue of its physical resemblance to an EGG and not its egoistic nature. The body is rather short and rounded over a rich blue hue.
Its back is solid and thick giving a powerful look..Head shows some promising wen growth at this tender age.Would prefer to have more even color and the tail appears too clumsily large in comparison to its rotundant feature.Nevertheless I just can’t resist buying it for the coming new year…….

Top view

IPB Image

Side view

IPB Image

Front view

IPB Image

The next couplet reads appropriately

春风春雨春色 新年新岁新鱼

which translates as:" With spring comes wind,rain and splendour of colour adding to new age and of course new fish"..... biggrin.gif
white horse T1
春 色? tongue.gif 不 是 新 欢 吗?
Wah looks very nice indeed. Reminds me of the ideal calico TVR that Hakking's making.
Beautiful colours. Now if we could get those colours and a TVR body!!!
I really like the Japanese Calico patterning with the red largely confined to the head and the body blue and black. In that respect this fish is not far off that colouration. Good find.

Nice find Goldrush. good_very.gif hmm.gif

If its a female any chance i could borrow her some time biggrin.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif
I have a male who would love to meet her biggrin.gif

Good luck

After 1 over month of intensive feeding,do you think this fish is overfed?

Do you think this fish will grow big??? as I feel its stature is a bit short dunno.gif uhm.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
Nice fish biggrin2.gif
I guess it's a female? What is her size now?
She looks as rotund as my female calico before spawning.
Dear Sabine

You are right.She is laden with eggs shiok.gif She is almost 5 inch now
Do you have a suitable male for her biggrin.gif ? Maybe metallic with a longer body?
This is the calico male with a longer slender body shiok.gif

IPB Image
I don't see a slender body nananana.gif
He is beautiful, let them have fun, and see what you get.
Is the female from Tung Hoi? She looks like it.
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