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Full Version: How To Choose Ryukin?
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I'm wondering if this young ryukin (7-8 months old) has any potential. The lines in the tank are 2.5 cm apart.

The tail is fully split, in case that's unclear in the photo. She's a good swimmer at high speed. A little awkward when swimming slowly (use left and right pectoral fins one at a time instead of together).

IPB Image

IPB Image

What do you think?
Potential to be what? A good pet? Certainly. A show fish? Hmmm maybe not really. Might be ok for american standards though.
Thanks for the reply. He's an adorable pet already, but I'm hoping to learn from him about what features he's lacking from a show fish perspective for my next ryukin.

I'm in the US, and don't see very many here with as pronounced a hump. I'm guessing from other reviews that the positioning of the tail on the body isn't ideal. If you're willing to provide some additional feedback, I'd appreciate it, even if he isn't the caliber of most here, I think he'll be good practice on grooming.
Halo Cheekylemur……………Welcome to our site

As for me,when I look at a ryukin,I will make an assessment based on the following

a)Head:Must be as small as possible and triangular in shape

b)Body:Circular and well balanced with a wedged define hump.The back must be extremely thick and high.

c)Extremities.Now the tails and fins must be balanced without folds or kinks nor clamped!The highest point of the tail should not surpass the highest point of the dorsal fin.The dorsal must be carried upright erect at all times.If you are very stringent a topview tail should appear like a butterfly and not fused or closed.A side profile should cover the anal tail and not expose(Paris Hilton?)
The anals must be balanced and equal in size and preferably twinned.

d)Deportment.When the fish is at rest or should be straight and not head stand nor nose dive or otherwise. Neither should it be a constant road sweeper when it moves!

e)Color and pattern.The pattern is very much subjective but the color must be even and not fading with a unique patterned feature if it is dual colored(eg fawn,spotted,red lipped etc)

Having state the above the criteria of what to look for in a ryukin,I’m still very much searching for that elusive fish that satisfy all the above. In reality you may not be able to find that perfect fish and let’s be more accommodative if not you may not even own one to begin with! peace.gif

Pic below shows
Fully erected dorsal
IPB Image

A well defined hump and high back
IPB Image

A very thick back....a potential sign of growth wink.gif
IPB Image
The Matrix
interesting specifications ... how come i dunno all these ...

cheekylemur, your fish seems under a lot of stress and not fed well for a long while. Keep it well for 3 mths and see how it turns out.
Thank you Goldrush - that was really informative, I appreciate the time you took putting that together!
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