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Full Version: Fancy Not Acting Well
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Hi: My fancy goldfish has been sitting at the bottom of her(I think) tank for a couple of days. She comes up to eat and swims fine. Then she goes back to the bottom. Her belly is really big and Im wondering if maybe she is going to lay eggs?. Anyways if you have any info on this could you please post? Thanks...C hi.gif
So you can move my post so one of the exceptionally busy experienced members don't have to do anything? What is a forum for? My fish was in trouble and instead of helping me you move my post. You gotta be kidding!!! No help no direction just crap. Shame on you and your experienced members who do not enjoy answering questions. If you or your experienced members don't want to help then what the hell are they doing here? F*ck you and the horse you rode in on. I'll go somewhere where they actually care about fish and aren't so hung up on some self inflated ego trip that they have lost site of the original mission of helping goldfish....C...P.S. My fish died. My 3 year old son is crying and I will never be back here. Thanks for the help....C
Since this guy is not coming back anymore, I guess he will not be reading my reply. Anyway, I will keep this topic "alive" as an example.

Our goal is to keep RafflesGold as informative and tidy as possible. In order to keep this forum in a tip-top condition, there is a need to cut down on redundancy of questions asked. For example, I don't suppose a forum with more than 10 topics on treating of white spot looks tidy to anyone. Or a forum with "why do we need to buffer water" being asked by new members over and over again. We'll just keep it neat - 1 topic on 1 kind of problem and whenever someone is not sure, he will just have to read that topic and he will get his answer. Simple as that.

Be responsible with your postings. Do not post a question, hoping to get a quick fix. It is unfair to readers who see your topic and tell themselves "this topic again?!?! rusure.gif "

I will like to highlight "A Welcome Note to New Members" which you can find at the top of this page:
Members are reminded to use our SEARCH Engine to look for our archives of discussions. Please understand that our experienced members do not enjoy answering the same questions over and over again. If your search is futile and you are not sure if similar questions have been asked before, please post in this section first. The hardworking moderators will vet through your topic and will shift to the rightful section if it is something new and interesting.

Most of the times, topics shifted to this "Newbie" section are related to topics that have been discussed before. Or probably, the questions asked are too vague. If that discussion leads to something more tangible and of something new and interesting, it will be moved to one of the related sections.

And, it takes time to post a reply. So if you are not getting a response fast enough, please keep in mind that someone could be preparing an answer for you.
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