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Full Version: Newbie Question - Eggs, What To Do About Them
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Hello all,

I'm a newbie making his first post. Allow me to start by wishing every a good year of the the boar.

Am keeping some ryuking, lionhead and ranchu. My goldfish has decided to mark the start of the new year with... eggs!

I came down this morning to find the water surface full of bubbles, and the bottom covered with eggs.

I know they probably wont hatch because the fish is not mature, and the eggs are most likely not fertilised.

My question, should I leave the water and eggs as they are, or should I replace the water and remove the eggs?

Many thanks for the advice.

Looking foward to learning more about my fish here.
Hi Dragonhead, welcome to our board. I hope you will find useful stuff contributed by our members

Eggs issue has been discussed a few times. There is another topic quite recently

If you do not intend to keep the eggs, pls removed them. Eggs/milt foul up the water quickly, so it is not wise to leave them there for the fishes to eat back the eggs. When you observe that the female has finished her rounds, then scrub the eggs and do a water change.

Thanks for the helpful reply.

I was scanning the forum for the newbie greeting area, but could not find it earlier; my apologies for posting in the wrong section.

I did a search on "egg" but did not find any previous topic on the matter...?

Anyway, thanks. The eggs are almost all gone now.
You should probably search for eggs instead of egg because the search does not allow 3 letters and below phrase
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