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Well, i have 2 big headed fish, I dont know how you call them, oranda or ranchu or something...
I have a question about them, I have a internal filter and I also use it to provide the water with air,
so theres some space underneath it. My bigger fish, goes underneath the filter and stays there,
he doesnt move, nothin, only his gills and his eye move thats all...
He comes out of there around feeding time thats all, he has moved all the gravel
underneath the filter and stays there without gravel under him....
Is this a problem?

Thank you,

There's nothing wrong with that. Usally all fish require their own privacy. It keeps them from stressing out. So what your fish is doing is actually something pretty healthy. smile.gif
Tnx man for your reply, i was worried that my fish was down..
He used to swim a lot around but after a while he acted like this:S
Any recent changes that might be stressing your fish out?

Any sign of illness?

My fish does that when it is not well. or stressed.
That's right, he's stressed. And that's the benefit of having somewhere to hide. The hiding place takes away their stress. But it is good to check all water parameters to make sure they are not causing the stress.
Any fish that's bottom sitting is not well. U have to check your water parameters to see if they're alright.

Btw, how big is your tank and how many times do u change ur water?
Well I have a around 40 gall tank, the onl change i did in the tank was, that I removed the airpump, and let the filter provide air.....
He always comes out of there when he sees someone coming..
I thought he did this because he can see his reflection in the tank and looks at it, can this be possible?
I change around 60/70% in 4/5 days...
I havent seen any illness, the fishes had finrot around 2 months ago, but thats all over...
Is there only 1 fish in your tank rusure.gif ? Normally if the fish is alone, it is less active, unless feeding time. You may want to introduce 1 more fish (the same kind), it shall make it more active. Remember to QT the new fish 1st before you introduced into your tank.
Agree, some fishes are pretty shy when it is alone, fishes do have emotion and feeling too laugh.gif
He said he got 2 fish in his first post.

Hmm I don't really sure what's causing the lethargy, maybe bad water parameter, maybe lack of oxygen, or maybe he's simply tired.
Goldfish Connection lists 6 probable causes for goldfish to stay at the bottom of the aquarium. It is in the section 'Goldfish Disease'. Check it out ....
place back your air pump smile.gif
with more oxygen the fish will be more active..
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