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Full Version: New Tosakin
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Grateful for any feedback on the following Tosakin pair currently in QT.

They are from a Saitama Tosakin breeder (Mr Yomogida). Hoping to breed them this year, if the Tokyo weather ever settles out that is!



IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image



I don't know anything about Tosakin but it looks beautiful... and Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
Should just add that the male is the upper pic, female is still uncoloured.
if dont mind me asking, i know these are birthday present.... but....... how much this kind of fish of fish overthere in japan??

i've never seen this kind of fish in singapore...

Happy Birthday bro! hi.gif

Just wanna say.....You are a really really lucky dude who has a wife that is truly the love of your life by loving you & giving you something really good towards your passion! good_very.gif yes.gif

All the best for this pair bro! wink.gif
Wow, spectacular. Opened my eyes to a new type of goldfish.

BTW, happy birthday Matt.
Your wife is very kind. They look very beautiful. And I know what you mean with the weather.
Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes. Much appreciated. I'm very happy with these fish.

Kenjione, it's odd isn't it. I thought I might be in for the season's first Ranchu spawning last Sunday (water temps around 18-20 degrees and very active fish), but by Tuesday the temps were down to 9 degrees again. I give up. I;m seperating all the sexes and holding off to mid April to get some more conditioning in.

Yeah so true. my balcony tub got up around that and I started to feed them. then it got cold again and i had to stop. i thought about putting a heater in there but it would be a hell of a battle for it. I think a good decision to separate them with this inconsistent weather.

Those are really beautiful Matt. I think that the female would have already demelanized if she was going to. But, with tosakin, the wild coloration seems to be completely acceptable. The olive/brown ones often have the best tails and some think they are a little stronger.

I acquired two pair from Japan last December, but mine are not as nice as yours. I am using a traditional approach and keeping them in a large ceramic bowl. This is supposed to help the tails develop to their fullest. However, I also want to breed them and am afraid that the confines of the bowl may be restricting their body growth and spawning. My friend keeps her tosakin in large pools and they spawned several weeks ago.


They weren't cheap is all I'll say.

These are from a very famous bloodline, I think the investment is worth it.

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