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Full Version: Import Of Goldfish Into Singapore
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Import Of Ornamental Fish Into Singapore


Hi, I juz called AVA yesterday and it seem to have changed from 50 to 30 fishes. Not sure if the man is in a bad mood or wat! But the number seem to have fallen...

I saw the reply from AVA and it seemed very similar to what I got the other day.

I would like to share my experience too but this time, it was air transport (SIA).

Ok. Let me give you the full story here:

a) I had 4 Ranchu/Lionhead bought in Shanghai for SGD 5. They were about 1" big when I bought them and they were about 5-6" big when I left them in Shanghai last month. These fishes were with me for 2 years in SH.
b) 2 Males and 2 Females.
c) When I check the local fish shops in SH, they cost around CNY 300-350 (i.e. 60-70 SGD).
d) I wanted to bring them back to SG but was told that I couldn't bring water bags into the plane.
e) But the AVA suggested that I should hand-carried them and in doing so, no paper work is needed.

How can I hand-carried them if it's not allowed into the plane? As such, I gave them away and 3 had since died. :-( My mistake was: I should have checked the procedure to send in as cargo but this requires some paper work and not sure how much it would cost me. To tell you the true, I've spoken to ground crew, custom staff in SH and SG as well as the cargo handlers. None of them really know what was the procedure. It seems that no one has hand-carried them into a plane before.

If you buy from Malaysia without taking the plane, maybe it's o.k.

Has anyone use the cargo method before?

The quality of the food cannot be found here so far but they are still available in SH LFS.

Dennis mad.gif
I brought back 5 pieces of Luohan from Thailand before. They are about 3" big that time. Packed them individually in double plastic bags. Just make sure not to pump too much air into them as they will burst due the pressure in the plane. I then place them neatly into shoe boxes and hand carried them into Singapore.

No hassle at all at both the Thai and Singapore airport's custom.

I should have tired doing the same also. If I can't get through, I could give them to the airport staff. Anyway, 3 were already dead in SH.

This time when I'm back there, I'll look for small good quality fishes and try my luck.


I envy you guys, carrying goldfish as hand luggage into your country. I think that’s an ultimate wish any goldfish hobbyist should have. Sadly we can’t do that here in Oz. Tough Custom fact cant even dream about it.
QUOTE(Kinder @ Wed, 30 Aug 2006 2:55 pm) *


. Sadly we can’t do that here in Oz. Tough Custom fact cant even dream about it.

Ya.....last time I was there, they spray disintefactant before we disembarked from the plane.
And, they confiscated my BISCUITS!! mad.gif
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