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Full Version: Where Is Original Goldfish Living Habitat?
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Goldfish rearing is a long history but althought its that long but I seldom see any book give a proper detail where its come from.Currently I been to read up on book but still now more book no actually aid me to design a natural habitat of goldifsh but just plain glass or man made items.Even I am goldfish I guess I also know what the different between a live plant and a fake one.Is there something we can do more than those I mention. wink.gif
goldfish has been bred to stay in their non-natural habitat for hundreds of years..

is there even a natural habitat for ornamental goldfish?
shiok.gif Maybe where we can find Koi
The ancestral carp were from temperate slow moving rivers where the adjacent shallows were seasonally flooded. They would also move into small tributaries and were moved by humans into ponds and rice fields. It seems they were comfortable in a wide variety of habitats.

The best thing you can do to mimic the natural habitat is to provide sunlight and provide more water volume and surface area per fish. Natural forage (plant and animal matter) does wonders for growth and health of goldfish, but that natural forage does not have a chance to develop to much extent if there are many fish confined in a small area. Keeping less than ten grams of fish per square meter is ideal, but I don't know of anyone with the space and discipline to do that.

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