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Full Version: Stock Ratio?
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Semi newbie here, my tank is about 420l water volume, aeration is well, but my filter is very small (only 55l). I currently stock 3 fish in that tank, and do a wc of 80% weekly. The bottom of the tank has been growing green grass/algae (good water sign?) wacko.gif . The fishes are active.

Suppose I stick with this routine setup, and add 4 more fish, would it still be ok (as I don't plan to add more filter). unsure.gif

For the same setup, with the increase in number of fishes, to work, you will probably need to change water every 2 days.

Again, the general guideline is one 4inch fish (differs for certain species) to 100 litres of water. The ratio increases as the size of fishes increases. So, imagine an exponential curve up.

To retain the same routine and for the benefits of the current stock, you can probably add only one more.
Oh, thankx... I guess 1, maybe 2 more fish is the tops for me. peace.gif
Curious... how bout if I wc 50% every 5 days... Would it with the water quality, or 80% weekly is just the same thing?
Somehow my maths tells me that 80% weekly is better than 50% every five days.It has to do with nitrates accumulation.

I suggest you read this:

Thanks for the prompt reply, and very paiseh to ask a common question blush.gif , but this forum is definitely very useful.. I guess I'm gonna change 80% every 5 days lah.

Also, I am thinking of applying a filter system, similar to the salt water(sump tank), where the water is sucked in from the top level and the big filter system is underneath the tank. I will still have another pump that basically does the mechanical filtration, which sucks all the bottom poo, it will be the same OHF I currently use. I was thinking that I could build a filter the size of 115cm x 50cm x 60cm, while the water level will only be 115cm x 50cm x 40cm (about 230 litre of biological filtration), as it will have space of 20cm of height for water to sit there, in case the electric went off(gravity of water flow from main tank continue to bottom filter until water is underneath the pipe level) and to prevent the water from overflowing from my bottom filter.

What I am also confused is, what size pump shoudl I get for the bottom filter to push the water from the bottom filter back to the main tank? As for the water from the main tank flow to the bottom filter will be done primarily by gravitation, I need to ensure that the in and out flow rate is sufficient/just right, right? wacko.gif My main tank is 140cm x 50cm wide x 70cm height. Thanks a lot.
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