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Full Version: Dragoneye Pom Pom
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I have noticed many of these lately in local fish stores. I guess it is a breed that will most likely be overlooked ohmy.gif ... like so many others. Very sad...

This is a good piece from a Chinese hobbyist.
IPB Image

Some that I have acquired...

Big one at 6 inches
IPB Image

Smaller ones at 1.5 to 2 inches
IPB Image
IPB Image
The mass QT

Open eyes big big and you are sure to find some good pieces around in Singapore shiok.gif
The narial bouquet tends to overgrow with uneven size.They are often being suck into their mouth on respiration and ingestion with much obstruction and struggle hmm.gif Not my cup of tea tongue.gif
This one you need constant trimming like what we do to our hair biggrin.gif
True. But that's the fun part of it. biggrin.gif

Even the eye may grow out of shape/proportion sometimes wacko.gif

Like this piece which I got careless:
IPB Image

A black one:
IPB Image

When you buy from small, they are merely $2-$4 each. And you don't see this pretty often wink.gif they are quite hardy in a sense whistle.gif
dragon eyes......I like to term it heart attack fish.....eyes sometimes big...sometimes small.....pom pom is nice though....
Too fancy for me, but the black moor with red tufts is a striking fish.

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