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Full Version: Newbie Again With Few Questons :)
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Hi i'm new to Goldfish tongue.gif
used to breed Lou Han and aquascapping tongue.gif
just few days back i saw my friend's ranchu farm here in my City and suddenly i fell in love and wanna keep them tongue.gif

Anyway here's my aquarium specs:

semi-Out door get morning direct sun Light
Size 150 x 70 x 70
1 Eheim 2213 Filled with 1 layer of Sponge and filled with Eheim Ceramic rings.
1 Sponge Filter
Ligts None (direct sunlight and indirect sunlight only)

2nd Indoor (no direct sun light at all)
Size 150 x 70 x 50 (water level at 40)
Built in side compartment sump filter filled with Sponge and bio balls Driven with 2x 1000L/h Power head
Lights 2 x 50 Watt

(the aquarium sizes are in Centimeters)

Actually i'm building new home which to be finisehed early next year and i already made special pond for goldfishes too, but because i cant wait for it now, i want to keep the goldfish in my used, empty aquarium first.

I'm Planning to keep only Ranchu be it RSV or RTV and Pearlscale .
can they be kept on the same aquarium ?
or must i seperate them ?

As the fishes are later to be keep on outdoor pond, and i want them really big in size , what are the max number of fish that i can keep on my aquarium ?

The 1St aquarium has 70cm of height which i think is too much for a goldfish so how much is the correct height of water for me to keep ranchu and pearlscale ?

Is the filtration in both of my tanks enough ?

or should i go for green water instead ?
(just a thought though, how can we "enjoy" our goldfish if we can barelly see it in green water ?)

are they any tanks mates that suitable for goldfish ?
red cherry shrimps or plecos or ottocinlus ? or even Cardinal tetra ? cause i still have alot of them in my other tanks tongue.gif and thought that maybe better fir goldfish if they eat cherry shrimps tongue.gif

And also i need sugestion as i said that i build pond in my soon to be new home, the size is
700 CM lenghts x 200 CM widhts. what is the best heights for it ? for ranchu and pearlscale of course.
and also what the best filtration system for the pond ?

those chambers like for koi?
or just sponge filter and running water only ?

And 1 more question for those of you who have outdoor pond, do you cover the pond ? or leave it open ?
how does the sun and the rain effect the health of the fishes ?

thank you all, your hepls is greatlly appreciated tongue.gif
nobody here to help me ?
Please understand that your questions are mostly old discussions and the scope is quite wide, response may be slow. For old discussions, you can actually search and find them with the search form:

For a start, have you read through this impressive writeup by CP?

Your setup soundsvery. With a 5 feet tank's capacity, it will be ample for 4-7 small fishes.

For Water height,

Stick to purely goldfish. I don't see any need for tank mates for goldfish.

As for outdoor setups, yes it is best if you use cover to prevent predators from picking your fishes up.
Here's an example by scorpio168:

You can use cheaper material like fisherman's fish nets to cover over your pond or outdoor tank.
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