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Full Version: Sakura Oranda
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Hi guys,
what do you think be honestly?

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
Very nice thick body. Btw how long u have kept it?
one and half to two years
QUOTE(skyway3 @ Sun, 22 Apr 2007 8:09 am) *

one and half to two years

Very good effort in local context! good_very.gif But, fish looks stressed.

Very seldom do I see a Sakura Oranda.What was the size when purchased; and how big is it now?
I am sorry for the "unfriendly" interruption with the discussion here.

I hope members can provide accurate and honest information when they post their fishes for comments. In this way, you can get more useful and applicable response.

Taking this fish for example, it is apparent that it is under stress now. And if it is known that this is a newly-acquired fish, there would be advice to quarantine this fish. It has been our preach that all newly-acquired fishes have to be quarantined, no matter how healthy they look. And it is also NOT in our teachings to mix newly acquired fishes from different batches, for the prevention of cross-infection. I am saying all these because I see a ranchu with this oranda.


A little background on this oranda....

Many trained eyes can recognise this oranda as 1 of the 3 that arrived to a LFS just last week (Not appropriate for me to say the place but it was retailed at $90). And because they were down with white spots disease, the 3 of them were under treatment and kept in the shop's display tank for longer than they were supposed to. Meaning to say, during the many days in the shop, many members here would have seen this fish already. Some may even have asked for the price, as I was told by the LFS owner that the 3 received much attention. But since they were pre-ordered, with 2 calico ones already paid for upfront and this sakura still under consideration by the same buyer, they remained untouchable. I guess the owner of this Sakura oranda was the lucky one, for being at the right place, at the right time, after this sakura piece was turned down.

Take note that I am not saying all these to embarass the owner. It just so happen that I can recognise this fish and I am hoping to make an example of this thread to urge all members to be as truthful as possible when providing information. Sometimes you can be rewarded for honesty. In this case, the right advice to for the care of this fish.
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