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Full Version: Goldfishes Have Dropsy And Scales Are Coming Off
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My (only) two goldfish, Val(entine) and Kamu, are in pretty rough condition. They both have Dropsy. Val's back section is bloated, and Kamu is only slightly bloated. I noticed both fish were not very active Saturday night, and was shocked to see Val so huge. I did some research and realized that Val and Kamu have parasitic dropsy (both of them had clear strands coming out of their ends). We went to the store and bought Maracyn-Two by Mardel (a treatment for Dropsy). They have been having those tablets since Sunday night, and have now become more active. However, they are looking worse and worse every day. Val is getting even more bloated. Kamu's fin has become ragged and droops. Now, many scales are coming off of both of them. While I do want them to get better, I do not want them to suffer. While they are acting somewhat normal, they look miserable. I am wondering whether I should euthanize them. My dad disagrees and wants to continue treatment for another week before coming to a conclusion. I honestly want to put them out of their misery. They look so sickly. Could you please give me your opinions?


Also, the tank size is 2.5 gallons and I do not have a water test kit.

Dropsy is not easy to cure, please read the followings for more info:

From dropsy to drop SI (dead)

Your 2.5 gallon tank is too small, even for 1 goldfish. You have to do water change very often to maintain the water quality.

their internal organs are probably damaged before signs of dropsy shows.

anyway as what kokibali mentioned, the tank is too small, if you want to continue keeping them in that tank, please change at least 3/4 of the water daily.
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