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Full Version: Sakura Coloured Goldfish
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I am sorry for the stupid question, but what is the meaning of 'Sakura'?
You guys correct me if I'm wrong.....

Sakura is a Japanese goldfish breeder. I think he does TVR as well as other varieties. His name has become synonymous with goldfish which have a mixture of metallic and nacreous scales. I guess he helped develop that mixed-scale type of fish.

You cannot really see the mixed scales in the photo with this thread.

A sakura fish is one that displays pink/pale orange and white colouration. They are derived from calico fish originally e.g. the Sakuranishiki is a derived from the Edo-Nishiki.

I have a Sakura Ryukin here which I have wrote of its features

Hope this helps with a better understanding peace.gif
Thanks for the explanations concerning Sakura Goldfish. I read in a few books about 'matt' colour goldfish. Is it the same as Sakura ??

Is my veiltail , a Sakura?? (It has a few metallic scales)

IPB Image
Yes it is.

And this is calico (coloured)

IPB Image
I am so embarassed that I did not know 'sakura' means 'cherry blossom'. Hence the pink in the fish and my face. blush.gif

But there still must be nacreous (clear) scales. The pink is red pigment lying in the skin below the clear scale. Just as blue is from black pigment lying in the skin below clear scales.

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