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Full Version: The Issue Of Color
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I am told that color is not a factor when judging TVR. It is all about conformation, swimming ability, scale size/alignment, etc. Everything else being equal, a solid orange TVR is no better and no worse than one with a balanced pattern of red and white. Right?

But, when it comes time to select a fish for your personal enjoyment do you disregard color and pattern? Everything else being equal, would you be as happy with a solid orange TVR as one with a balanced pattern of red and white? I wouldn't.

I always go for Red/White. Orange if the overall is really super good.

In most goldfish competitions (maybe not for TVR), colour is one of the criteria.

Added a poll to this topic
Dear hi.gif Bekko

I think colour is an important criteria in judging a goldfish but not pattern although a well balanced pattern will give an additional edge over an untidy one.More importantly I think there should be evenness of color within a pattern or no pattern.For example even if a fish is white it should be snow white and not milky white.Dual colored fish should have sharp demarcation between the two colors and not appear smudge.I think many inexperienced keepers spend more time looking for good pattern than other more important features like body conformation and quality of color.
I prefer velvet black (with a pale blue background aquarium). What is 'tancho'??
This is a tancho.
IPB Image

Notice that the red is restricted to the center of its head.
For personal enjoyment, colour is very important to me.

Top view,side view or any view, I always like red/white.
Make that chilli red + snow white.

But,to me, brilliance,lustre and shine of any colour is more important than the colour itself.
Bro Will,
Can I pick more than one choice? biggrin.gif

I personally love 3 kinds of color: Apache (but I know it is unstable coloration), 3 color, and sakura.
Black will be next choice. tongue.gif

But, as you know, its hard to find show quality fish with that coloration (apache, 3color, and sakura). blush.gif

Thanks peace.gif
For me, I prefer just one color, one full color. Be it red, orange, white or black. biggrin.gif

That maybe the reason why I don't like calico. peace.gif laugh.gif
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