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Full Version: Further Discussion: My ten commandments of goldfish keeping
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QUOTE(JohnF @ Sun, 14 Jan 2007 12:32 am) *

Furthermore, my 11th Commandament states:


Thet is actually a good point. I just learned today that, according to my neighbor, goldfish produce something that kills of tropical fish. So, only keep a goldfish, with another goldfish. No wonder my suckerfish died. Now I know who to blame it on. My fish. Naaa. My fault for it's death, but I was very new.


I don't fully agree with these.

I believe that, although they are not the best in the world, my goldfish are the best meeting up to my standards.

I also believe that a little over crowding isn't going to kill anyone. I have three goldfish in a 10 gallon tank, and it has been that way for the last three years and my fish are all happy and very healthy. They haven't gotten sick in the last four years of my fish keeping.

Year 1-Two fantails

Years 2-4 - three goldfish. One, who is a species that I can't name right off the bat, and the two fantails.

Other than that, it's pretty good.
Dear madkid

Glad that you agree to at least 8/10 of my commandments biggrin.gif
Keeping goldfish is a such relative hobby just like any phenomenon in this world.There are many levels of appreciation in our hobby and we have to respect that.One can be contended with just keeping feeders and low quality fish in their tank.That itself is often our basic humble beginning of our keeping.As we progress we tend to upgrade and upsize as we learn more.That's when we realise our fish were never the best as compared to others.

Your point on overcrowding can be abit misleading.
Your keeping actually desmonstrate how hardy goldfish can be with your TLC
But to strive is not equivalent to thrive

You have kept your fish very much alive but have they reached their true potential in terms of growth,characteristic,colors etc in the confine of such limited space?

We do not preach overcrowding here.


I was not trying to make over crowding seem like a good think if that is what you mean by misleading. I know that they would do a lot better in a bigger tank, but right now it is hard to afford a bigger one brand new. And I don't trust second hand stores with tanks either.
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