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Full Version: Green Watter - What About Night
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During a day algae take CO2 and give O2. But at night take O2 and give CO2. It is unhealthy. What do you do with this problem?
That's why it's very important to regulate the degree of green-ness with regular water changes. If the water becomes dark green, there's an over concentration of algae, which could be a problem both for O2 and ph levles. By keeping the water bright green, there should be no problems at all. Around here, it ends up being weekly water changes of 80-90%. With the green water method you can raise healthier, more brightly colored fish. Are you currently keeping green water?

Also, I've read that O2 and CO2 level are independent of each other... so it's possible for a pond to have high 02 and high CO2 levels. By maintaining good circulation with an air stone all night, you can keep the tank well oxygenated, even though the algae is absorbing O2 and creating CO2.
I have had my green water (indoor) for 10 days. It isn't dark green and it was't but I change water once a week - 10 % I think. If it would turn dark I'll change it more.
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