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Full Version: Singapore Or Canton
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Living in northern U.S.A and have a chance to bring in some red and whte ranchu's.
My problem is what size should i get and having a choice of Singapore or Canton Which would be my best chance of getting a least a couple nice fish?
What type of ranchus, exactly?

Your best chance of getting high quality fish is to simply buy adult fish that show good qualities. This is the most expensive way, naturally.

My preference is to buy very young fish that have the potential for high quality, and raise them to see what I got. You can get a lot more this way, as they're less expensive.
By Canton, do you mean Guangzhou, China?

The choice is pretty obvious -> China, motherland of goldfish. biggrin.gif
The Matrix
Go HongKong.
Well ended up with 12 calico ranchus from Canton China at least that's what stamped on the box. Then LFS didn't want to sell all them, so got 6, 4 died waited a while fish still there, got 2 more. went back week lated and got last 3. now have 7. All in main pond with all fish. Not growing very fast. Time permitting i'll get them in aquarium and get pictures and get your opions. Be another month as have to much going on plus fish lice.
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