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Full Version: Be Gone Argulus!
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1) what is the best way to remove argulus (fish lice) besides dimiltin? i bought ocean free copper safe but it's pretty useless as the lice was still alive even after i placed it in a spoon of copper safe. LOL
2) do i have to minimise water changes after copper safe is added?
3) is this a long term medication?
4) its strange how fish lice is prevalent in my tank when i change 20% of my water every 2 days. blush.gif
5) lastly, will hydrogen peroxide dip or pp bombing do the job?

Dear namrfigk

Besides dimilin,you can try organophosphate based products for argulus and anchor worms.Perhaps the next best available treatment.A good product should be Trichlrofon/Trichlorocide(Argent Lab).It was readily available at Aquarama booth.Very cost effective.
Copper products are not effective against macroparasites so dont waste your money on it!
Both pp and H2O2 are equally ineffective to control their population

Here's wat it looks like .Recommended a few bros here at Aquarama.

IPB Image
even though im singaporean and singapore is a city state, i have not visited every nook and cranny of this small red island. so pardon me for asking where is Aquarama?

comparing dimilin and Trichlrofon/Trichlorocide(Argent Lab) which gives faster results? roughly how much do each cost?

and could u post a pic of dimilin in case i buy the wrong drugs at the pharmacy.

your help is greatly appreciated
Which part of Singapore are you from?

Aquarama is not a place but our recently concluded aquarium trade and fish competition show

You can't get demilin at pharmacy but only at selected fish outlet

Demilin is the safer bet with high tolerance and effectiveness.More pricey of course
oh.. so do the clementi outlets have these medication?

im living at bukit merah.
Does the pet mart in Qian Hu farm have dimilin and/or Argent lab products? Just asking so I wont make a wasted trip during the weekends.

And I know what you meant by Aquarama not being a shop but an event.

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