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Full Version: On And Off Sbd
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Hi. I have a ranchu which seems to show swim bladder diesease. However it isn't the extreme cases described on the sticky, so I don't really know if its truely SBD. It seems quite minor as its been going on for a few weeks already. She still can dive without much struggle to get the sinking pellets, but when she stops swimming she floats up. And she has a tendency to stay at the surface n gobble up air which passes back out through its gill covers. She never had her belly floating up. Whew.

Strangely, when I observe it in the dark, when he's not so active, she can actually maintain her depth in the water without swimming much at all. Its like she never had SBD. She seems to only exihibit symptoms of SBD in the day or when lights are on.

Is it a cause for concern and can I do anything to help his situation?

Oh yes, she's laying eggs every few days too. But not fertilised, so I just let all of them feast on the eggs. Don't waste. smile.gif
I would put it as belonging to "HIGH RISK" group where early detection and recogition can reduce its emergence and occurence.Reduce water level and increase salinity if bouyancy seems impending.A couple of greens should ease constipation if not a course of Epsom salt may relieve it.As always maintain good water parameters.
Maybe it is because of lacks of DO at day time? Too much lights will increase the temp and deplete the oxygen in the water.

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