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Full Version: Fry Hatched
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my fries are hatching today... do you when to start feeding them???
2 to 3 days later when they start to move.
and its best food is self-made-brine-shrimp, right ???
white horse T1
QUOTE(egwinh @ Sat, 16 Jun 2007 9:52 pm) *
and its best food is self-made-brine-shrimp, right ???

from channel 5 to channel 8 biggrin.gif this shout box very confusing.

got tamil song.......i dance around the defunct bar top counter also can....
The Matrix
har ??? when change one .... i still tot we are tuning in to TV Tiga leh ...
that's the nature of a breaking news....
guess what!, after 3days from hatching my fries still alives, there'r about 300, my tank is 5ft and the water is 10cm high. when should i change the water ???
I'd take longer time to change the water as the change in water quality is sure knock out a few fry. I will do first change when the fry are about 1.5-2cm. That's about 3 weeks old. I find that fry at this age are generally hardy enough to be transferred to a temp tank of old water while I change water in the main hatchery.
Self breed brimp shrimp is the best good_very.gif I have also tried it with boiled egg and it proven to be effective. Daphnia will be good after 1.5 weeks old and can buy it from LFS.
For me, I change the water quite often because I am feeding them boiled eye which cloud the water and have a very stink smell hmm.gif I have to change water everyday with overnight water as I tends to overfeed. blush.gif
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