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Full Version: Large Display Aquarium
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Hi all,

I am thinking of setting a large display aquarium - 5500 litres. This coldwater setup will be mainly for goldfish and a few butterfly koi.

Any suggestions on:
1. The best filtration system, including pumps, media, etc
2. Lighting
3. UV Sterilizer
4. Other equipment

wow 5500litres, thats massive. I've got a UV sterilizer, in my opinion, not that useful for the price.
I got a UV for my 29 gallons tank last year. I turned it off after 6 months.

PS. I only noticed the difference in the case of ick.
If you can afford to drop that kind of money, then you might as well get a Nexus filter too. Mechanical and biological filter in one. Small footprint, efficient and does not take a lot time for backwashing and maintenance. Put in a bottom drain or two for the filter to draw from.;class_id=22

If you put in a lot of lighting then you might need a UV to control the green water.

Thank you all for the tips.

In fact, the tank will be a public exhibit mainly for school children and its purpose is educational.

My concern is equipment. At home I usually go for diy, but this time I have "some budgeted spending money" tongue.gif and intend to go for the best efficient system.
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