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Full Version: Carpet Algae Plus Greenwater
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I have a tub full of dark green carpet algae and the water used to be clear but suddenly it just turn to greenwater too. I'm curious as i have an ehiem 2250 and a OHF running in it at the same time.
Can somebody tell me why? Super high nitrates? i do WC almost every other day.
Secondly i would like to know if the solid shit from the fishes contains all the ammonia or they still excrete urine?
Most of the nitrogen is in the ammonia which is excreted through the gills. You cannot see it. There is some nitrogen in undigested organic matter in the feces. It is eventually released to the water after the bacteria break down the feces and convert organic notrogen to ammonia. Most of the phosphate is in the feces too.

The carpet algae and green water are in competition for the nutrients. You know, green water forms faster but carpet algae usually wins over the long term. If green water came back after the carpet algae was established, it is probably because something changed in the system. Maybe the feed rate was increased, or the temperature increased, or the light increased, etc.

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