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Full Version: Wen Yu, Wen Zhong
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Matrix, it's been 2-1/2 years and we are all grown-up now. So, what is Wen-Zhong?


QUOTE(The Matrix @ Thu, 06 Jan 2005 11:40 am) *

I guess many people make the same mistake of naming anything with an overly grown head and a curve back as a ranchu. Not wrong also.

Ranchu has already break up into various form and in fact, hobbyists start to break them into countries - Chinese, Thai, Japan and even UK.

Just remember 1 thing, all classifications comes under the Chinese way.

Lion-head refers to head of a Wen-yu. Eg, Oranda
Tiger-head refers to head growth of a Dan-zhong. Eg, lionhead, ranchu
High-head refers to hood growth of a Wen-Yu, Eg, crown pearl, red-cap oranda
Flat-head refers to head of any varieties without muscle growth. Eg, Ryukin, Comet

It's the confusion when translate to English and cause a lot of problems to many.

Since Dan-Zhong already so confusing, better not touch the more complex Wen-Zhong.

Dan-Zhong simply fish without dosal. Eg, Ranchu, Lionhead, Celestial, Bubble-eyes, Pompon, Dragon-eye Egg fish ... even dosal-less pearlscale also in Dan-Zhong category.

The confusing part is Ranchu and Lionhead. Got to go back to history of some a thousands years ago. hahahaha ... who the hell give the name Ranchu. hahahaha.

Go lunch then see what I can come out with ... or someone try to make a more detail description between the 2.
Think it was a typo. I supposed he means "wen-yu". Wen-zhong could means "wen-yu typed". Waiting for his clarification
The Matrix
2 yrs !!! wow .... I got older ... din really grown "up" ...

Wen-Yu ... long long time ago i read was wen zhong.
So you mean "文鱼" (wen-yu) was known as "文种" (wen zhong) long ago? dntknw.gif
The Matrix
QUOTE(desireless @ Thu, 28 Jun 2007 10:49 pm) *

So you mean "文鱼" (wen-yu) was known as "文种" (wen zhong) long ago? dntknw.gif

Yes, very very long time ago. In those old anciet books you might see it. But right now, newer print, many change to use wen-yu instead. Traditionally we should use wen-zhong classification.

Hmmm ... anyone wanna try why is it call Wen 文 ?
Hmmm ... anyone wanna try why is it call Wen 文 ?
Give up. Wen you gonna to tell us?

I only know that it was first known as 鱼 ("wen-yu") due to the pattern (花: "hua wen") on the body. With the word 金鱼 (Goldfish, "jin yu"), this type of goldfish was then known as 花金鱼 (patterned goldfish) or simply 鱼 ("wen-yu").

The ancient chinese then simplified the word to (since both words have the same pronounciation and it is now known as 文鱼 ("wen-yu").

Correct? Any other special reasons?
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