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Full Version: A Proper Way Of Outdoor Fish Keeping Method
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Hi all,
I want to put my fish outside in the backyard green water tank instead of staying inside. I don't want an inground pond. Please take a look at the pic for the kind of tank I would like to have. Since NY's winter is really cold I need a way to protect my fish from cold. How do people keep fish outside?

Here are some what I can think about.

1. Move the fish inside in winter?
This is the most typical method I have seen. To have green water for 200 g indoor tank is not very easy though

2. Green house?
Is it a good way? Will you be able to have green water inside Green house? If so, I can also keep my bonsai plant next to my fish tank smile.gif . How do you keep the maintain the green house temperature at 65 degree during winter?

What are the other alternate method?

I will have to consider about everything including cost, effiency since I am planning to have it for long term.
Thanks in advance for your suggestion.


PS. This is my furture plan after I move. Tank in the pic is own by Geert Coppen and posted at RG. Thanks again

IPB Image
You can model it after Geert Coppen's Fish House
I dont think he had it patented; so need not pay any copyright fees. biggrin.gif

From the pics, its made up of roofing sheets with transparent (I suppose of acrylic or glass) roof allowing sunlight in.I suppose the temperature inside a fish house is better regulated preventing wild tempearture swings compared to when left in the open.Thermostats are used too.

But I am not too sure whether green water can be cultivated during winter though.
Thanks CP,
I 've seen Geert's system and like it very much. But I am curious about green water cultivation in green house. and the running cost of the green house in the winter as well.
What is Geert's filter system setup? is it a over flow system(flow through)
What is Geert's filter system setup? is it a over flow system(flow through)

He doesn't use any filtration system.
The cost to run a greenhouse through the winter depends on how well it is insulated. There are some double-wall acrylic panels that let light through, but also provide a dead air space for insulation. Nice, but expensive.

for example....

There is also an inexpensive method where a greenhouse frame is covered with two sheets of plastic film. Then, a small air blower is used to pump air between the two sheets of plastic to keep them separated and provide insulation. Both methods will trap some solar heat, but you will still need a supplemental heat source to keep 65F. You will also need a ventilation system to keep it from getting too hot during the transitional period in spring.

When I lived up at latitude 32N we had green water all winter under greenhouses with double-layer poly sheeting. The issue is not just the transparency of the material, but also day length.

Thanks for your input, buddies... I really appreciate it... smile.gif Would like to see more input though... smile.gif
I also want to know how does ranchu hibernate in Japan. Thank you...
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