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Full Version: Thai Ranchu In USA
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Hello and what a great site this is!
i am in love with svr ranchu and live in usa where selection is pretty limited.

I found to have great stuff and when dandy orandas has fish, they are good.

Does anyone know of any other reliable sites in usa?

paul at xxx must have thai connections as his fish are from thailand and he gets them regularly.
so far his are best, but i am always looking for more sources.

please let me know, thanks

I, too, am wondering where I can get a good quality ranchu's in the U.S.. Ive been to Chinatown in San Francisco and saw a atore(Hung Lim?)-they had some decent ranchu. But Im really looking for are some high quality TVR's.
Hi.....I know it is hard to find good quality fish...
I use to find good quality fish but end up getting crapy fish.
Finally, i import them coz i know that Thai Goldfish is the best.....

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