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Full Version: Culling Jikin
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Hi Gents.

Does anyone have any info on grading/culling Jikin? I have just received 20 x 3cm fish and would be grateful for any pointers on what I should be looking for when sorting them.


Hi Matt,

I'm not a pro in Jikin so I only have some superficial stuffs to say biggrin.gif

From what I have gathered on this species, there are 2 important things to look out for:
1) Tail (Peacock tail)
2) Colour (Pure white body with all full-red finnages)

Here is a video of good jikins:

Since your jikins are still very young, then you should be keeping only those with peacock tails. By about 5-6 cm this feature would be quite obvious. Those without full-red finnages should be culled in a later stage too. As for the body colour, I think it is no secret that the red scales are "plucked" at young age to obtain the full-white body. As for the mouth, which is supposed to be red too, I'm afraid no red means no red biggrin.gif
I dont really know much about Jikin. You may have already found this, but its a link with many examples from one of the kai.

This is the original link

this one has been run through a translater with interesting results


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