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Full Version: Peter Porker's Calico
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peter porker
My maiden picture post in RG.

Hunted high and low for a Calico and found this in some obscure LFS.

For me, what stood out are the black spots on its head, body and the thick, black strips running down the length of its tail.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
Halo hi.gif pp welcome to the family of calico lovers

Choosing a calico is a real challenge
Though colors are what strike most in the eyes
I would always go for body conformation first
This one has got a good back
But unfortunately the tail is a bit too large for my liking
The head has the potential to accelerate its growth further
Do give it alot of sunshine as calicos tend to discolor in poor light
These are my own opinion,hope you don't mind


peter porker
Oh don't worry about your opinion GR...its much appreciated.

Yes I agree on the tail. Its a little large for my liking too but the price was irresistible so I bought it.

I, erm, perked it up a little so it looks slightly better now, but yes, shame about the size.

Actually when I read your post, I thought it was a poem because of the paragraphing! haha!
How big is it? and do give us an update in few months time.

enjoy it!
peter porker
5 inches tip to end.
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