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Full Version: Carps And Cows
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Carps and Cows

As a matter of fact, researchers studying Carp nutrition have concluded that their degree of digestion is astonishingly similar to that of a cow. The digestive enzymes of a Carp are only one eighth as efficient at digesting protein as are those of a Pike, which is carnivorous, while the Carp’s carbohydrate digestion is 1,000 times more efficient than that of a Pike. On the other hand, researchers have learned that a fish’s ability to digest certain foods is improved with familiarity; that is, if it is fed the same foods regularly it digests them better. Based on this, it would seem that any change in our fish’s diet should be made gradually, and no more often than necessary.

Supplementing a fish’s diet can be done at any time. This is particularly valuable when live food is the supplement. It seems that live food contains factors which are necessary to our fishes’ well-being, and apparently even small quantities can supply enough of these vital factors to make a difference in the overall nutrition of the fish.

Dr. Yoshiichi Matsui, Professor of Fish Culture, Kinki University, Japan. In: Goldfish Guide - Second Edition. T.F.H. Publications Inc. ISBN 0-87666-545-8
Sorry RG. I intended to put this in the fancy goldfish section but messed up.

Thank you Mr Steve, this is very enlightening.
I have some average quality fishes that I don't really care about them. I put them in the aquarium in my office, and I let the workers there to feed them. I prepared the lowest quality of pellet for them. Boy, their growing rate is good considering the kind of pellet they eat! Probably your finding is what happens here: eating the same food is better for their digestion!
About live food, I do agree. I feel surprised at the growth of the fish that eat frozen bloodworm compared to the one that eat the highest quality pellet! Cannot be compared! (Too bad, the cost of using live food is also higher)
My question is: if we use 4 kinds of pellets for our fish consistently, can the fish get used to it in the same way?
My question is: if we use 4 kinds of pellets for our fish consistently, can the fish get used to it in the same way?
I have no idea Hermanto. Only repeating what Dr. Matsui said back in the 70's. I too feed lots of different kinds of food. Cannnot afford to give them only the best, so they get a little of everything.

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