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Full Version: Food For Goldfish Like Ranchu..pearl Etc
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hihi am new to this forums..

like to know what kinda food are good for goldfish to make them big, fat and nice ...currently i keep them in a 1 feet tank with a running bubble underwater filter and an air stone tat helps to areate the water.

Rite nw i only feed pelete s and the fish are doing fine. Also i change water once a week;

usually i use a container to house the 3 fish , then wash e filter using the tank water... then i wash e whole tank and refill it with
1)2 lites of dechlorated water(left for one day),
2)then fill the tank with new water up till half and
3)the rest is the oringinal water used to temporary hold e fish while i change the water.

Also the fish seem to be ok with this kinda water change strategy that is more conveinent to me as i don like it messy and like to keep things simple and neat.

etc can they eat bread without falling sick??
should feed tublflex to enhance growth??
Most of your answers can be found here:

Any pellets that is formulated for goldfishes and readily available in the market is good. Just that the results may differ. Some of the commonly-used pellets/brands can be found here:

Bread is not reccommended as their is hardly any nutritions value. Frozen BW is widely encouraged.
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