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I know the aquarium should be bare withiout any decorations. Pepples will accumalate dirt, plants would be eaten, logwood will tore fins and damage scales, fake plants looks ugly, etc.... thinking.gif

The problem is that I bought a 10ft (3mts) aquarium for my new house which is being built. My wife does not like bare tanks (which I was planning to put in the living room). As we discussed in previous topics, when house minister wants, minister gets !! evil.gif

Is it really that bad to put log wood? I tried in my smaller tank and I don't know if it is a coincidence but the tails of my GFs tend to split. Water too acidic with logwood??

Is their any plants out there which are too hard for them to eat?? Any ideas or pictures of successful decorated GFs tanks? uhm.gif

Come on guys. If you don't help me, my goldfish will be in a small aquarium in a dark place of the house while some stupid discuss will be in my 10ft planted aquarium. I DON'T want that to happen !!!
well I have log wood in my display tank. You really need to treat the wood b4 you put it into the tank. Those treatment include boiling the wood for 30 mins, leave it in water for a couple of weeks(did water change with hot water). In the beginning the color of water will be change becoz of it. When water is getting clear, you know it's time to put in the tank. Some people treat their wood w/ PP as well.
True, Log wood will decrease your PH. I put Baking Soda when I do the water change and have a pack of crash coral in my filter to solve the problem.
Then I tie Java fern, the only plant my goldfish do not eat, to the wood and it looks pretty. Good news about Java Fern is they are very hard for goldfish to eat first of all. You don't need any kind of substrate(Technically you can't put the root under the substrate.) All you need to do is find a log wood, stone or rock of desire shape and tie them together with a fishing line.
I hope this help and wish to see a pic of your 10' tank soon.


It will definitely help. thanks a lot.

They won't eat Cabomba either. I think you said before that the tank would be lighted. The ideal is to put in plants (but no soil) that can grow as fast as the fish pick at it. You get the aesthetics of the plants and the goldfish get better nutrition. Some people keep a tub of plants outdoors in the sun and change them out when they start to look poor indoors.

Excellent. I guess the best way to do that is by trail and error to see what plant will grow fast enough. Thanks for the tips. Will post pictures of my aquarium as soon as it is installed.

Depends on the goldfish whether eat plants or not....

I got one goldfish who's eaten ANYTHING I've planted. Java Fern, Cabomba, Java Moss, even Anubias (both barteri and nana)!! Every time got young sapling growing...*CHOMP* gone in an instant leaving a sad stump of stem....
How about an arrangement of nice ceramic pots with plants in it. That way you can have plants for your wife, and bare bottom tanks for your goldfish.
got anubias n java ferns pretty hardy + can regrow them by cutting roots
How about putting large river pebbles (since u have 10ft tank), clustered around a feature e.g could be a log.

That away it will be a semi bare-tank (easy to clean )....might please your wife.
i have a lot of plants in my tank. Anubias, Valisneria and cryptocoryne.
You need a deeper ground for the plants if you have Goldfish. Is use sand and this more then 7 cm and the Plants need light biggrin.gif
LG Esme
Thanks for the advice everyboby. I will start some experiments of the different suggestions in my smaller tank and see how it looks (log and pebbles) and try different plants and see how my goldfish will react to each type.
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