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Full Version: Something To Learn From The Darkside
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Knowing the Darkside

If I were to ask you who is your favorite character in all the Star Wars epic,few would have chosen Darth Vader,I suppose.Well he is one of my favorite character as he knows the dark side more than anyone else.It is just that he turns bad because he likes it too much.

Today’s discussion of Darth and the darkside makes me think about my relation with my blacks.I have learned to appreciate the blacks for a period of time.The demands required by these colored breed often made me angry with and sometimes even hated ,but yet most of the time I still loved them the most. How ironical.

The dark’s invitation for me to pick up this breed was a not a cry of loneliness as there are plenty of far less demanding breed available for my appreciation.Seriously my life with my goldies had already become machine-like and robotic,a sort of hellish punishment that few man(non goldfish keepers) can understand or appreciate.I don’t need another breed to wreak havoc to my already hectic schedule.

However my knowledge of the dark side has made me wiser; it has saved me from shallowness and flippancy about life. I feel awake to both sides of the force, yet choose to live on the light side to fight another day with the dark force.


Here's my very first amateurish video production blush.gif

This is a far cry from Geogre Lucas production,nevertheless a GOLDRUSH PRODUCTION is just as tantalizing (I hope)…minus the special effects. hysterical.gif hysterical.gif hysterical.gif


Yo Doc, your movie production technology is about the same standard as the olden days silent movies.........only improvement is that yours is shot in colour. hysterical.gif

Nevertheless, great effort!! beg2.gif good_very.gif
Doc....i think you truly let your darkside come out in that production...
yeah very amateurish production...bit still got a certain character to it....
and those blackies are sure a handful and delightful.
Another evidence that Doc just got waaaaaaay too much free time on his hands tongue.gif
It took me one day to merge the pic and video clips plus the insertion of the music.

As for the write out,I just pen it in betwwen patients(approximately 30 minutes ) this morning.

Not bad I must say hahaha

Guess I must take some more lessions to improve my video presentation.From the Darkside of course wacko.gif
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