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Hi Guys/Gals

After studying the threads and stickies from the forum I went and got me 8numbers of 2.5inch Ryukins.
I have them in my 6ft X 4ft X 1ft designer pond with filtration and air bubbles.
Am feeding them Hikari Goldfish Bio-Gold, Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Basic Diet and Hikari Oranda Gold but found that the Oranda Goldpallets are a little bit too big.

My question is - how much shall I feed them and how frequent and should i stop feeding them the Hikari Oranda Gold.
How frequent do I need to change the water.

BTW they eat lots - I mean i have been feeding them 2 pinch full everytime i see they are hungry no more than 4 times a day.

Pls advise
You can find commonly asked questions here:
Beginner's guide
Thank you for the link - very informative however it still lacks on the quantity per feed
As a guide,feed them an amount they can finish in about 5 minutes.
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