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Full Version: My Newly Adopted Ryukin
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Dear friends,

I have just adopted baby Ryukin a month ago.
It just come out from its quarantine tank.

There are the photos:

Pic taken 3 weeks ago:

IPB Image

Pics taken a week ago:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Could all bros here tell me the potentials of the fish? Any good or bad inputs are welcome.
Anyway, should I classified it as calico or tri-color ryukin?

Dear Chandra

since it is very young with its juvenile color still very much intact,it is hard to tell whether its calico or tricolor will retain throughout its adult phase.Cheangv had one which was originally classified a calico but unfortunately lost its juvenile hue to become otherwise

Here's the pic again

IPB Image

IPB Image
I did not know that the colour of a goldfish could change so drastically.
Bro Chan, it's looks good and has lots of potential. Congrats. I classified it as calico because tricolor must have full metallic scales.

Bro Goldrush, no offense but did you mean that Cheangv's calico fish turned into a full red metallic scales? I only know that calico can turn into sakura if it lost the black color.

Hi Doc and Bro Will,

You were right. He is a CALICO and now turning into a SAKURA!! hmm.gif

IPB Image

It happened only in one full day. mad.gif
Well, it's really hard to keep the black color pigment.
seems to grow longish..
any updates?
i was just wondering why some of the scales looks strage, they are a big shiny and sticking out. why is that? i ve noticed this on quite a few fish. what does it mean? is it still healthy?
There is a mixture of clear nacreous scales and reflective metallic scales. They do not stick out - that is an illusion.

Dear CyberET,

The female ryukin sakura has reached 18cm now.
But there is a flip on the edge of her left tail fin. hmm.gif

IPB Image

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