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Full Version: Dark Side Revisited
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I was going to stick this on the Doctor's darkside thread, but it would have tarnished his mega-production. No title or subtitles, no audio, no integration of still photos and videos, not fancy graphics. It is all I can do to push the button on the camera.

Not only that, my blacks aren't nearly as black and Goldrush's fish. These are from Tung Hoi. Their line has strong bodies but not the jet black color. The black is more like dark grey and all seem to have the gold undertones. There are two females and four males - all about 15 cm.

IPB Image

I took a video but the YouTube site is down so I'll post it later.

I am currently raising a couple of small spawns from these blacks. The largest offspring are about 1.5 cm. I have never culled SVR before and am not sure where to start. About half had obvious crooked backs. The other half have sort-or bad backs but I'mkeeping them for a while to see if it improves. A one-out-of-twenty have a nice curve on the back. Some have very flat tails with little angle between the tail and peduncle so I'm getting rid of them too.

Is 1 to 2 cm too small to cull SVR? Any suggestions?

It does have a nice curved boby. The head growth is also great. The tail is a bit large, which seems to be frequent on black SVR
... and the video

hi.gif Bekko

Mine ain't no blockbuster movie from the darkside.

On your fish.Hmmmm Tung Hoi is pedigree class.A class of its own.Good body features ,massive head growth and definitely a giant in the making in the future.

Reminds me of this open class champ at Aquarama 2007.I believe it's a Tung Hoi fish as well.

Can't see your video somehow.?????
One more thing,I have observed

In the Thai black ranchu fish,the females seem to have better head growth than males.I'm not sure of Chinese fish though.

I always prefer to buy male fish as females are prone to gynaecological ailments which are often recurring,if not fatal in many instances.This is one exception blush.gif for me to take on females wink.gif
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