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Full Version: Foreign Goldfish Shows/Events
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Hi guys . I thing it would be just great to be able to see these shows, or even be part of one. I always end up missing these shows and I can fly anywheres in the world for basically free.
Where I am from (Canada) there really isn't much going on with gold fish other that we sell there at our pet stores , we have a few clubs like the ECAS (East cost aquarium society) and Canadian goldfish society which I find very boring because people are not passionate like you guys are. I love this site, I just wish I was a little closer ... oh well I have to create my own fun and basically bring the sport of goldfish keeping alive in this region tongue.gif

If any of you would maybe be interested in a trip to one of the shows I could make something happen for very cheap just write me a message

Sincerely Stephane
There is one at Maryland by the end of September. Here is the link
Someone is buying those fish from the LFS and they need someone like you. Form a local club, put on your own show.

here is andrea's list from the goldfish report:

• September, 1st: UK: Bristols Aquarists Society: one of the biggest events of this club is their annual show, always a hit. They have other goldfish bowl shows every single month as well. Check out their events page at link.
• September, 9th: MPKS fall auction - link
• September 14th-16th: Atlanta Koi Club annual show. And yes, goldfish as well. The club had their first year with goldfish included in 2006, and it went great. Just follow the calendar link on their website link
• September, 15th: Sarnia AS Fall show/auction link
• September, 22th-23th: Camellia Koi Club 2007 Sacramento Combined koi show, link
• September, 28th-30th: Norwalk (CT) AS annual show/auction link
• September, 16th: Atlanta Area AS annual show/auction – check out their website link
• September 28th-30th: Mid-Atlantic koi club annual Koi America 2007. This club switches back and forth between VA and MD, and this year MD is the lucky state. Just follow the Koi America link on their website link
• Sometime in October: Medina County AS fall auction link
• October, 7th: Allegheny River Valley AS (NY) annual auction link
• October, 12th: Brooklyn, NY, AS – Giant Fish auctionlink
• October, 14th: Great Lake AS (UT) annual fall show/auctionlink
• October 13th/14th: Texas Koi/Fancy Goldfish Society has their annual show over a 2-day period. Check out their website link
• October 13th/14th: South Western Michigan AS fall auction/workshop. Follow events link to further details
• October, 12th: UK: Festival Of Fish Keeping link
• October, 13th: Greater Cincinnati AS annual fall auction link
• October, 20th: Youngtown Area AS fall auction link
• October, 21st: Milwaukee AS annual fall auction/show
• October 21st: Eastern Iowa AS fall auction link
• October, 21st: Danbury Area(NY) AS - gigantic fall auction link
• October 26th-28th: North Jersey AS, Mega Aquarium Fish weekend link
• December, 1st: Australia: Eastern District AS auction link
wow never knew there was that many show's :S I know in canada we dont have many.. would anyone know of any?
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