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Full Version: Hermanto's Svr
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Friends, this is my own breed. Comments are appreciated.

Thanks, Hermanto

IPB Image

IPB Image
Beautiful... I really really like it.
When you start looking for flaws instead of attributes in a ranchu, you know that you are looking at a very good specimen.They say that there are no perfect ranchus, but to me, this piece is within striking distance.good.gif

The head, the wens,the buffalo cheeks, the shape of the back, tails, scales............nothing but thumbs ups. beg2.gif

To edge it closer to perfection from solely my viewpoint, I would prefer that the belly is smaller (ie not too deep;); the body is longer (to encourage further growth), and that the colour has more brilliance and lusture.

Congratulations Mr Hermanto on a very good self bred specimen. good_very.gif

Is she laden with eggs?
QUOTE(hermanto @ Fri, 07 Sep 2007 6:17 pm) *

Friends, this is my own breed. Comments are appreciated.

Thanks, Hermanto

Dear Hermanto,
Your own ranchu breed is very good. Color, shape, finnage, wen growth, tail all conform to a high quality breed of ranchu you are producing. Congrads on your good work. Best wishes to produce champions.
Small_ranchu, Cp and Vikram, dear friends, thank you for your kind words smile.gif

My regret is that it never lay eggs up to now.

Shy to say, there is a weakness in the tail, clearly seen especially from top view.

Your comments make me very happy smile.gif Thanks.
this a good svr, and its made in indonesia...

i think the buffalo head feature could be improved...

is the fish ever been to a show ??

I have never joined a show, not even once. Still not confident with my quality. I still see weaknesses here and there sad.gif

if only the back was stronger..
anyway any grandchildrens from the childrens?
Sorry. Dead due to dropsy last week. No offsprings. Luckily, his brother has some offsprings with another line of female smile.gif
nice SVR, I like it good_very.gif . Do you have a top view photo of this fish?
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