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Full Version: Punggol Tap Water @ Ph9+ -- Beware!
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Hello all,

Newbie in ranchus ... and my first posting here. smile.gif

Wanna check with bros (especially those living in Punggol) what are your measured pH direct from tap?
Mine is 9+ ohmy.gif ... confirmed with 2 different test kits two days ago and today.
All 4 shows 9+ but three weeks ago, it was between 7.5 to 8.5 range.

1 already up the lorry and 2 loading up.

Keeping my finger's cross they recover but the chances are really in bad shape.
Not Eating, Not Swimming, Slime, Internal Bacteria, Cloudy Eye, Fin rot ... you name it, most likely I can find it ... see then also feel pain and sad for them.

Will let them fight another 2 days ... if no sign of recovery, clove oil here I come.

btw saw new arrivals of ranchus all sizes, all prices in QH with 20% marked up (discount).
Interest bros can go check it out.

do u use anti-chlorine?
QUOTE(CyberET @ Sun, 09 Sep 2007 3:50 pm) *

do u use anti-chlorine?

Hi CyberET

Yep, "Primed"
Ammonia and High pH from tap is main suspect.
Main culprit is poor water management due to overfeeding.

Thanx for clarification.

I suspect that the culprit is ammonia.

goldfish can tolerate pH levels of 9+; provided that ammonia is virtually zero.That means your tank has to be cycled and filter is good enough able to convert ALL traces of ammonia.

The relation between acceptable ammonia levels in relation of pH can be found here:
You are right CP.

Due to overfeeding, it resulted in high bio load.
Due to not fully cycled tank, ammonia was present.
Due to presence of ammonia, tried WC.
Traces of ammonia coupled with high pH 9+, 3 fishes "tok tok chiang".

Sigh....very sad.

But in other forums, I read lost of bros there lost fishes during the 7th month thingy too.

Ppl here lose fish every month not just 7th month death.gif
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