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Full Version: Can My Lion(chu) Slips Tonight
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There's a very famous lion's song that goes like this:

It is entitled :The Lion sleeps tonight

Well I've just gotten a lion or rather a lionchu which kinda of mesmerised me with its dual contrasting colors.I know,I know...I'm a bit naive to believe that the parti-colors will stay forever.Nevertheless I wish that it will last as long as it could get for my endless appreciation. blush.gif

Here are some pics for your appreciation

A topview
IPB Image

Sorry a blurred side view
IPB Image

Finally a video to show it really looks from the top


sweatingbullets.gif sweatingbullets.gif sweatingbullets.gif
This is another "CROSS BACK GOLD" biggrin.gif

IPB Image
Nice piece you got there....Most of the time i got R/W Ranchu with Black back.
The black always gone in less than month....
Thxs for the compliment

Well... keeping my fingers crossed to avoid early degeneration of their blacks blush.gif
peter porker
These 2 pieces look very familiar, GR.
Hey 3 weeks has past and take a look at this lionchu

More blacks have resurfaced especially at the face region.The black across its back has significantly darken.

IPB Image

IPB Image

An Apache has landed yes.gif

IPB Image


1)The few black dabs on the cheeks are not there
2)The single black dab on the left side of the body is not there
3)The tail is ALL BLACK matching the pectoral and pelvic fins...........

it'll make one impressive piece in terms of colouration uniqueness.

You seem to like this piece a lot judging from the frequency of the updates.And, with the 3rd Nat Ranchu comp looming, this seems not that bad a candidate............. rolleyes.gif whistle.gif
Hi bro.. can i know the conditions it is kept in? thanks!
Another 2 weeks have passed.This lionchu still retain most of its contrasting hue though the black seems to weaken and fade when place in less than optimal conditions.This fish is kept in full sun with 100 % change of water daily and fed exclusively on Hikari-Saki paste food supplement with bloodworms and home grown algae.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Well this is how it swims

3 months on,this piece still hold very well its bicolored hue.Hopefully it has that DOUBLE RECESSIVE HOMOZYGOUS genes to last a long long time.... rofl.gif

IPB Image
Phenomenal! I don't want to jinx it, but it doesn't look like that black is going anywhere. I wish some of my full blacks were that black smile.gif
Just upload this video to show how my little lion swims shiok.gif

Does anyone know how the tri-color and other goldfish with metallic black were developed? In the old days, the only metallic black was from the black moor (demekin) but the metallic black color and the telescope eyes were linked genes and you could not get one without the other. Now they are putting metallic black, panda, red/black and tri-color on everything - oranda, ryukin, ranchu, etc. They all seem to have black which is less stable than black moor, but the stability seems to be improving. I have never seen a Thai black ranchu in person, but they seem to have a deep black color in photos. The quality and depth of black on the Chinese black ranchu and black oranda is more chalky than a black moor. Did the "new" metallic black come from the black moor, or somewhere else?

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