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Full Version: Frozen Blood Worms
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I have tried feeding China brand Jinko frozen blood worms which are inferior in quality to Hikari. The worm cubes secrete dirty fluid and contain fish lice sediments.

hence i doubt whether the China worms have been properly sterilised.

and after consuming the worms, my goldfish waste is white and stringy. is this a sign of internal parasite?

any other bros experience this with hikari worms?
Whlist feeding live food is the most risky, frozen ones are not risk free either.
White stringy poop is a sign of internal bacterial infection, and the frozen food may not be the sole cause.

Just because the product is from China does not mean that it is inferior.If I am not wrong, Hikari frozen bw are also packed in China.
I have switched to Junko for years without much complaint.The worms are thicker,redder and much jucier than Hikari.Junko used to sell at 4.50 to 5.00 for a box of 12 but price has soar in recent years to $8.50 hmm.gif .Hikari is branded but the worms still come from China and some bros encountered certain batches with poor color and alot of sediments as well.Regardless of brands frozen feed carry inherent risks and you just have to weigh the benefits against the ill consequences in using them peace.gif
thanks for both cp and goldrush replies, now im not hesitating to feed bw biggrin.gif
since goldfish love them.

but i hope to increase the variety of their food, what favourites do u guys recommend??

though i've tried boiled green peas, my gfs still spit them out. this results in accumulating debris which clogs my filter.

how should i prepare the green peas to make them likeable?
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