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Full Version: How Should I Groom This Piece
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Hi everyone. I just bought this fish a few weeks ago. I know that the hump is quite poor, but I love the look of his fins so much that I could not help myself. I find that his hump looks quite thin, like he was undernourished for a while. Do you think he is stunted? I have been feeding saki hikari (purple) and live blackworms. The tank they are in is 75 gallons, and there are a total of 6 fish. I change the water 2 or 3 times a week, 50% at a time. Green water is not an option because it is a display tank. Provided with the best care, do you think this fish has any potential?

IPB Image

IPB Image
You are right about the tail, it is gorgeous. Could you please tell me what 'stunted' means?
stunted means that for whatever reason, it's normal growth was halted for a period of time, so it becomes very difficult for the fish to ever catch up, or reach full potential.
Thanks for the explanation. Now I know that I definitely have a few stunted fish in my aquarium.

Did you buy this fish with Goldfish Connection?
on cheangv's fish the eye diameter of the red/white one is 13.6% of the total body length and 29.1% of the head length. On the full red, the eye diameter is 9.2% of the body length and 20.9% of the head length. The eye diameter of Goldrush's red/white is 9.3% of the body length and 18.9% of the head length.

The eye of cheangv's red/white is proportionately 1.5 times larger than the eye of the full red one (13.6% divided by 9.2% = 1.5).

On this fish the eye diameter is 11.4% of the total body length and 23.3% of the head length. The eye of this fish is proportionately 1.23 times larger than the eye Goldrush's ryukin in the thread above. By the numbers, it would appear that this fish is slightly less stunted (1.23 versus 1.5) then the fish in the other thread. Good eye (so to speak) demdamdemikins.

For what it's worth, the fist in the other thread have a body depth which is about (1.0 and 0.9) equal to the body length (nose to peduncle length). In this fish the body depth is only 0.7 times the body length.

I'm not trying to be critical or anything.... It's just fun to try to put a number on the small differences in conformation which a trained eye can discern.

Oh no. Don't mince words on my account. I love rafflesgold because of the candidness of the replies. Thanks Steve. I figured the fish was a bit on the stunted side. But hopefully I will be able to grow it at least a bit bigger. I'm also working on improving the girth of this fish. If only there was space for a green water setup.

Actually Damo, this fish is from Gunn of Fish Corner.
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