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Full Version: Blackmoors
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hi, im new to this forum and sort of new to goldfish keeping (i had goldfish for a year but dropsy killed em sad.gif )

but now i have a new bigger tank. it is a 125ltr tank and has one 8cm (inc tail) blackmoor goldfish. now my question is: how fast will it grow? i do weekly water changes with a gravel vac. i feed him "tetrafin gold japan sinking mini sticks" about 3-4 twice a day. in addition, i feed the odd boiled pea and freeze dried bloodwoms.

im also thinking of adding a ranchu to the tank. ive heard these fis hneed about 60l each. would this be ok?

thanks!! biggrin.gif
well, introduction of new fishy will always bring risk..

change more water, feed more, and maybe it'll grow faster smile.gif

remember to aerate the water more as well..
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