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Full Version: Green Water Setup Using Rainwater?
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hi, after reading this forum, I (a newbie) am inspired to set up a natural pond within a flat balcony using a black fibreglass pond liner and green water. i wonder if it is possible to use rain water and water drained from flower pots (much like a a natural pond formed in a valley from water draining from uphill and rain water) as the initial source for green water setup instead of de-chlorianted water? Will goldfishes like such conditions?
Rain water does not have dissolved minerals so it does not have any alkalinity. Alkalinity keeps the pH stable and prevents the water from becoming acidic. These days, you also have to be careful of acid rain. Adding some coral gravel or other source of calcium carbonate to the system will probably rectify the problem. Adding a little baking soda will increase alkalinity in a hurry, but the slow-release coral gravel is safer. You should monitor the pH and make sure it stays above pH 7.0.

You should still be set up to use tap water and have a product to remove chlorine on hand. You may need to change water in a hurry if there is some emergency.

Thank you. Will keep your suggestions in mind.
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