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Full Version: My Newest Fish
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What do you think of my latest addition? Don't worry. I put it in the small tank for the video only. It will be joining my other fish on Thursday, after 2 weeks of quarantine.
thats a great one!! good_very.gif
nice coloration and beautifull fins!!!
regards frank
nice hump good_very.gif
This is insofar the best ryukin that I see belonging from someone from the US; considering the difficulty (and costs) of obtaining good goldfishes over there.

Magnificent tail it has, erect, open and not collapsed.But the dorsal fins looks too big in my opinion, though I am not sure whether it is a 'flaw'.
Thanks! blush.gif Unfortunately, it has a small twist in its right pectoral fin. It's a tung hoi broadtail, which may explain the large dorsal. I know the tail leaves a bit to be desired for a broadtail, but at least for the U.S., the calico broadtails we get have far less developed finnage than other colors, with green and chocolate fish seeming to have the best. What are the chances that it's finnage will continue to develop in size and breadth as it gets older? The fish is already quite large, about 11 cm not including the tail, but I cannot conjecture to give an age.
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