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Full Version: My New Lionhead *problem With Tail?*
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Hey guys,

Recently I just bought 2 lionhead goldfish and I've been reading on the net about them. I've read descriptions that say they should have a split tail fin? But one of my lionheads doesn't it has 1 tail with 3 points, like a triangle and if you look closely the top looks like it's connected and the other ones tail is only half split.

I don't think it's clamped fins or anything because my goldfish swims around, it's really active, it eats and plays with the other one still so I'm not sure if it's bad or not. And it always has a little red spot on its tail on the right side, the left side and one of its fins has a black spot because of it's colouring and its head and some of its back is red so I'm not sure if the little red spot on its tail is colouring also or if it's something bad... it's a tiny little red spot and doesn't really look like a lump but it looks a bit odd because if it was colouring its not very big.

My lionheads are tiny, I think they are babies or something only 4-5cm long and live in a tank that is Ok size for them with a filter, real life plant from the pet shop, fake plants, ornaments and I've also put in products such as water solution, some A.C.E thing that takes away amonia and chlorine and something to break down their poo and any uneated food. So it's not like they are living in poor water solutions or stressed out or starved... But the little red spot freaks me out and I don't know why it's tail is connected and the other one is split....

Perhaps some line drawings of tail form may address your confusion

This is a single tailed goldfish

IPB Image

The above are culled if your lionhead fries show such tail forms

Now this is a 3 pivot tailed without the split
IPB Image

Although they are not preferred,they are not culled

This is a full divided split tail which is much cherished by most goldfish connoisieurs
IPB Image

I suspect yours a 3 pivot tail rather a single tailed as mentioned but a picture of your fish will put an end to any unnecessary confusion wink.gif

Nothing odd or special about such tail forms as a single spawn from any goldfish can yield an assortment of tail forms,including lionhead


sorry about the confusion, i don't really know the goldfish termonology

but yea my red one is like the 2nd fish and my gold one is like the last fish pic...

so there is nothing wrong with him, his tail is just less desired?

i read ont he internet that lionheads should have a split in their tail so i wasnt sure why my red one didn't ... i thought maybe he was special

i don't know much about goldfish but i'm learning now lol i picked my gold one because i thought he was cute his head is really big full of the bubbles and his ail has that split.. and the red one is less attractive his head is small and back is long with that full tail... but i bought them at the pet shop and i wanted a goldfish with wen on its head and the pet shop lady wasnt sure if their heads would develop so i just picked the ones with the biggest looking wen on their head, i liked the lionheads because i thought they looked really cute without dorphin fin
QUOTE(twinso @ Sun, 28 Oct 2007 8:50 am) *

so i just picked the ones with the biggest looking wen on their head, i liked the lionheads because i thought they looked really cute without dorphin fin

that's exactly why i love ranchus and lionheads too. Cheers good_very.gif
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